Sounds: EarthMoments - Yidaki Grooves

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EarthMoments unveils Yidaki Grooves, a sample pack with didgeridoosounds.

"This exclusive Didgeridoo Package has been optimized with the closest attention to detail, staying true to the sound with over 60 authentic samples that have been recorded using tube Pre-Amps and Mics on 96kHz, and performed by top Australian didgeridoo artist Stuart Fergie, who uses a specially customized and unique Yidaki (didgeridoo).

The Yidaki Grooves collection contains 60 samples of a range of authentic Australian didgeridoo samples.

Recorded on 96kHz using Class A preamps and Tube mics at Clementine studios in Chennai.

EarthMoments was created to offer music producers unique collections of high quality samples and a space to explore unique sounds and signatures that sets the creative spirit free to cross borders, explore, and discover unique instruments and sounds of the world."

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 60 Of The Most Inspiring Didgeridoo Loops you'll ever come across!
  • 5 Long Drone Samples

Price: £19.95 GBP

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