Synthesizer: CubicAudio - Evolution VSTi

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CubicAudio launches Cubits Evolution, a Rom synth instrument for Windows.

"taking creativity to a new level and giving the user control over the sound. Cubits Evolution is a new Rom Synthesizer with a multitude of different sounds to suit any producers needs. Evolution enters a whole new dimension in sound design aswell as giving you the user an advantage to not only load presets with roms, but to also edit oscillators by changing wave types and editing effects directly as no features are locked away from user. We believe that any producer or sound designer should have access to each part of the synth and this allows you to fully utilize Evolution's capabilities and create your own sounds."

Features: Evolution includes 4 Main Oscillators, 1 Rom Synthesizer (Upto 4 Layers),Modulation Matrix (Many modulation options), 2 LFOs, 6 effects (Chorus,Decimator,EQ,Distortion,Reverb,Delay).

Price: £79.99