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Homegrown Sounds launches Ammonite, a synth for Windows.

"Ammonite VSTi is a feature packed dual synthesizer, extremely powerful, yet intuitive to use. It comes from a long line of Astralis Synths and benefits from the proven formula that ensures a user friendly experience. Whether you want a synth capable of undulating atmospheres, or Kraftwerk/Orbital style sequencing or cutting leads, Ammonite is capable of this and much more. A strong point of Ammonite is that it can be used to good effect on a superficial level by people less experienced with synths, and the deeper elements can become apparent through usage."

  • 2 independent synth engines each with:
  • a Dual Oscillator capable of additive, subtractive and FM synthesis. The oscillator/Synth engine was coded as a single piece of SSE optimized code and is also expandable in the future.
  • The usual Sine, Saw, Square waveforms as well as a waves such as Piano, Guitar etc...
  • A huge and diverse selection of 3,500 digital style waveforms.
  • 24 Note Polyphony.
  • 10 different filter types including the usual suspects, cascadable up to 8 times
  • White Noise
  • Drive
  • Drift
  • Glide
  • A Microtuner that uses Scala files, and 300 patches are included organised into categories.
  • 2 Dedicated Volume Envelopes with up to 32 steps, a multitude of transition shapes, and the ability to repeat to any stage.
  • 2 dedicated Filter Envelopes
  • 2 LFOs with many waveforms and features.
  • 2 Modulation Sequencers, one is polyphonic and the second is monophonic.
  • 2 Gates Sequencers, the first is a trance gate for re-triggering the Envelopes and the second for re-triggering the FX Modulators and driving the Gapper.
  • A Gapper is available for the final output with Attack, Width, Release and Mix settings.
  • A sophisticated Arpeggiator/Note Sequencer.
  • Programmable Vibrato
  • A Modulation Matrix with 8 input sources and a large selection of destinations.
  • Quantizers on each of the Modulation Matrix Destinations for glissando style effects.
  • A preview keyboard with sticky keys to make working on patches easy, plus it displays incoming midi notes.
  • A sophisticated Randomization system with a global randomize button and a Randomize options page for selecting which parts of the synths it will affect. Global Default button resets 90% of the synth to it's default state with one click.
  • There are randomizer and default buttons throughout the synth for just randomizing particular settings.
  • A built in WAV Recorder capable of auto-naming and recording a specified number of bars.
  • Manual Tempo for old school style Arpeggiator usage etc...
  • A powerful purpose built FX engine TerraNova which includes:
  • SoundScaper for comb/Reverb and Vast church bell style Delay Effects.
  • Stereo Delay with additional Reverse and glitch modes.
  • 3 x Modulator. The Modulator is a general purpose effect capable of many different effects such as Flanger, Phasers, FM, Chorus, Filters, Ring Mod, Synth Tones, Mod Delay and Pitch shifting.
  • Drag and Drop Routing.
  • Hi and Low Exciters for bringing presence and clarity to the top and bottom end.
  • Compressor
  • 8 band Graphic EQ
  • Hi and Low Cut
  • Drive with 4 different styles.
  • Analog Mode with 4 different levels, to warm up the sound and make it sound more natural.
  • An always visible Master ON/OFF for all major components.
  • A pitch Shifter which uses delay based pitch shifting either pre or post FX.
  • An Envelope dedicated for use through the Modulation Matrix.
  • Many parameters have CC numbers assigned, and VST is supported for most components.
  • Extensive PDF Manual

Price: $30.00 (regular $55 USD)

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