Instrument: AcousticsampleS - WoodBox

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Acousticsamples launches WoodBox, a sample based cajón instrument for both Windows and Mac OS.

"After TheBox, we wanted to extend the cajon family so here is WoodBox, a regular sized cajon."

  • WoodBox is a regular-sized cajón recorded at 88.2Khz/24bits resampled to 44.1Khz/24bits
  • 600Mo of stereo samples, 3040 samples, no loops
  • Right hand/left hand samples
  • Two microphone positions, a pair in front of the cajon and another behind it to capture more bass.
  • 16 different hit positions to reflect the full possibilities of the instrument
  • About 15 velocity layers per position
  • 8 round robins
  • Adjustable mapping, you can assign any element to any key reallyquickly. (kontakt)
  • Customizable sensitivity (kontakt)
  • The Midi percussion parts of the demos are included to help you understand how to play it,
  • Available for Kontakt 2, 3 and 4, and our new player: the ASPlayer (VST and Audio Unit for mac, and VST for windows) : you don't need anything else to be able to play it.

Price: 19 EUR / $23

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