Effect: Sinevibes - Turbo

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Sinevibes unveils Turbo, a Variable Waveshape Transformer Effect Plugin for Mac OS X.

"Turbo features 6 unique waveshape transformation algorithms that have been painstakingly modeled by Sinevibes. All of the algorithms are very reactive to the input signal, and you can get any sound from crystal clear to brutal dirty, with all of the vibrations and pulsations emphasized. The waveshape can be easily adjusted via the XY pad, which also makes realtime tweaks a bliss. Plus, there is a gorgeous graphical preview of how each harmonic partial will be shaped. What could previously only be achieved using complex synthesis techniques, can now be done by simply mixing a few waveforms and feeding them into Turbo. All in all, it can take you into a new dimension of sound in an instant."

  • - Six high-definition waveshape transformation algorithms
  • - Intuitive user interface with graphical feedback
  • - 64-bit universal compatibility

Price: 29 dollar

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