Effect: Vengeance Sound - Philta XL

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Vengeance Sound unveils Philta XL, a new filter effect plugin for both Windows and Mac OS X.


VST / PC & Intel Mac / VST / AU - runs in all compatible hosts.

over 75 crazy presets by Manuel Schleis

2 high quality filter (12db, 24db, 48db or 96db)

variable filter resonance width

band pass & notch mode (phaser)

2 tempo synced LFOs (for low and highband) with 5 LFO shapes

2 envelope follower (for low and highband) with variable source frequency

filter saturation / Distortion (pre or post Filter)

rate reducer / bitcrusher (pre or post filter) linkable to cutoff frequency (+LFO&Env)

high quality output limiter (limiter taken from Multiband Compressor)

all parameter can be automated with the host

100% timing-precise and click-free

copy protection: USB dongle required!

Price: 49.99 €

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