Effect: UFO Scientific - MultiFreek v2.3 / Pc / Pro / Free

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UFO Scientific launches MultiFreek 2.3, a multitrack frequency analyzer effect for Windows.

"MultiFreek is a multitrack frequency analyzer for VST platform (Cubase, Sonar, or any other VST host can work with it), focused on the task of simultaneous monitoring of frequency distributions of several tracks. Its visual feedback lets you (in addition to hearing) clearly see and analyze your frequency problems and how your processing affects the mix, doing this track by track in your VST host, in a single-windowed graphical interface equipped with specialized features to save your effort and boost your inspiration. Multifreek is equipped with two frequency analysis engines: precise and efficient."

  • Simultaneous frequency monitoring of up to 7 different tracks (bass, drums, keys, vocal etc.)
  • Each frequency analyzer graph has a name and a color - to be easily distinguished from other graphs
  • Two processing modes - fast and precise
  • Optimized code to save your CPU
  • Implemented as a VST: easy to plug into your project - just put this analyzer as a normal VST effect into each track you want to monitor frequency picture of
  • You can apply graph smoothing for easier visual analysis, this mode accentuates the significant frequency properties of a signal
  • You can "freeze" the graphs whenever you want

Unrestricted shareware. License: $9 USD

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