MiDi controller: Kudzu Creative Group - Koushion

Music Making Software

Kudzu Creative Group presents Koushion, a new kind of MIDI controller for your iPad.

"Koushion merges the best of the iPad technology and professional music production tools to create a world class product. It allows you to wirelessly control your music production software on your Mac or PC over a network. The tone matrix and variety of settings available in Koushion make it the perfect tool for creating your next track or performing live at your next gig."

  • Includes a 16-step sequencer with a 2-octave range.
  • Wirelessly controls MIDI software for both Mac and PC.
  • Syncs to any external MIDI clock source available to your computer so that the performance or production always stays synced.
  • Plays eight scenes/banks individually, chained in succession, or simultaneously.
  • Adjustable quantization.
  • Switches easily to any major or minor key with the push of a button.
  • Configurable scene/bank MIDI channel assignments to enable control of multiple instruments at the same time.

Price: $9.99