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We got some cool tips from Remiix about their great music remix apps for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad).

"We have worked one-on-one with individual electronic artists to create a customized Remiix app for iPhone and iPad. On our roster so far is Plastikman (aka. Richie Hawtin) and Joris Voorn and other versions are coming very soon! Our goal was to go beyond sound loops and samples. Remiix allows users to remix parts of an artist’s songs in an unlimited number of combinations. It contains the artist’s original, fully mastered audio clips, grouped into reels to make sure that no matter what the user does, it always sounds good. Also important is the straight forward UI, so the learning curve to making awesome mixes isn’t steep."

Joris Voorn REMIIX02 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Experience what it’s like to perform club hits that have smashed the dancefloors of sweaty clubs and massive raves worldwide. Perform as Dutch techno-hero Joris Voorn on your iPhone or iPad.

Joris Voorn, the producer of hits such as Sweep the Floor and The Secret, headlines the biggest and best electronic music events worldwide. Remiix Joris Voorn allow you to remiix and recombine these staples of the world’s most respected record boxes (and hard drives!) and more.

In short, Remiix is an iPhone/iPad app that allows you to remix your favourite music.

This second edition of the Remiix series follows the first course served by Richie Hawtin’s twisted alter- ego, Plastikman, by offering the secret ingredients of Joris’s big room, disco tinged, good-time techno. A staunch technologist and forward-thinking artist, Joris has never been one to shy away from new technology. Harnessing today’s new mobile platforms to reveal some of the magic behind those unforgettable tracks is a logical progression.

In Remiix, the parts from a selection of Joris’ hottest tracks are arranged in packs of four Reels. Tapping any clip in a Reel will launch loops in tight sync. It’s simple: Reel 1 contains that club-shaking low end; Reel 2 holds those infectious Voorn drums; find those killer disco loops, pads and synths on Reel 3; drop your finger on Reel 4 for vox, sound effects and extra loops. The true power of Remiix comes from combining Reels from different songs; perform endless creative audio combinations.

Grab the drums from The Secret but take things deep with the lush stabs of Empty Trash. Mix in the dusty bassline from Joris’s Beatport chart topping remix of Callisto by Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy and you’re creating your own track!

And then there’s the EQ and FX section. Fine-tune the sounds or completely transform them. Recreate your own space-disco by filtering down those disco loops from The Secret and Feelin’ whilst unleashing the power of the classic techno delay hidden behind “FX2”.

If this doesn’t make you groove then you’re already dead!

For more information and updates visit http://remiix.net To connect with the Remiix community, join the Remiix Facebook group at http://on.fb.me/egC6ve Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/RemiixNews


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Remiix Joris Voorn REMIIX02 Liine Rejected

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch iTunes February 2010

Plastikman Replikants REMIIX01 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Richie Hawtin introduces Liine’s new interactive music concept with Remiix: Plastikman Replikants. Available on the iTunes App Store, Remiix lets you combine and transform original Plastikman tracks and reinterpretations from your iPhone or iPad.

Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman alias is synonymous with blurring the concept of performance and experience, with stripping back the boundaries between music and technology and merging artist and audience.

With Plastikman Live in 2010 and its mind-bending melting-pot of sound and light, we were introduced to a world-first in electronic music performance: the SYNK app allowed the audience to experience Richie Hawtin’s audio-visual manipulations on their mobile devices in a new and personal way. It even allowed the audience to interact with his audio computer and the sound coming from the speakers themselves at certain points in the show. Remiix is part of this natural progression of immersing the audience further into the spectacle, an opportunity for music fans to interact with, manipulate and Remiix both classic Plastikman material and newer reinterpretations.

With Remiix: Plastikman Replikants, Richie Hawtin is setting the tone for Liine’s new interactive music concept. The Remiix series of apps for iPhone and iPad, created alongside forward thinking artists, allows users to experience music in a completely new way. Instead of being recorded and rigid, the music is delivered in parts alongside all the tools needed to put it back together or recombine it, irrespective or whether you are a studio pro or novice.

With this first in the Remiix series, Richie Hawtin offers loops and parts from classic Plastikman tracks, from remixes specially commissioned for Replikants (part of the extensive Arkives package) as well as bits and pieces discovered in the hidden depths of his studio. This is the user’s opportunity to combine things that were never intended to be combined and to twist things into even deeper, darker, stranger places.

As well as giving access to the loops themselves, Remiix apps also allow you to mix the material as you wish, and apply EQ and special effects tailored to the artist in question. For Plastikman, expect disorientating reverbs and twisted, pitched tape delays. Line have integrated professional grade effects, but with the user interface reduced to the bare minimum to allow a huge range of expression with simple macro-controls. This is all tied together with a specially created themed user interface, so that you’re actually interacting with the cover-art itself.

Available now on the iTunes App Store, Remiix: Plastikman Replikants will whet appetites for the Arkives box- set (available for pre-order on http://www.plastikman.com/arkives/), as well as give insight into the future of interactive music and of Remiix.


Title: Cat no: Developer: Label partner: Format: Distribution: Release Date:

Remiix: Plastikman Replikants REMIIX01 Liine Minus

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch iTunes December 2010