Effect: Hotto Engineering - VST Spring Reverb / Pc / Mac / Free

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Hotto Engineering launches Spring Reverb, a free reverb effect for both Windows and Mac.

"To simulate the physical model of a spring the program solves the partial differential equations by applying the Finite Elements algorithm.
A combination of three springs assures a reverb dispersion which is comparable with the real thing."

  • Supported Sample Rates: 44.1kHz up to 192kHz
  • Computing Precision: 64Bit internal / 32Bit Plug-In
  • Audio Channels: Mono (uses the left channel of stereo tracks)

  • Dry/Wet [%]:
  • Mix between clean and reverb signal.

  • Spring Selection:
  • The program allows the individual selection and combination of the reverb springs.

  • Reverb Time [%]:
  • Defines the T60 reverberation time.

  • Gain [dB]:
  • Sets the gain level for the output signal.
Source via Music Informatory