Effect: Sinevibes - Turbo 1.2.0

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Sinevibes unveils Turbo 1.2.0, a waveshape transformer effect plug-in for Mac that turns simple sounds into completely new rich textures. Sounds very cool! I would like to try it.

"It features 6 original waveshaping models which drastically transform the input signal and vastly enrich it's harmonic content. Simply by processing basic waveforms, these models can produce an astonishing variety of sounds, emphasizing all of their dynamic and spectral variations. Turbo also includes a two-dimensional fractal generator that can be applied onto the waveshape model to add various interesting effects, from wobbling drones to chaotic morphing. Thanks to all these unique possibilities, Turbo now allows you to easily achieve results that were previously only possible with complex modular synthesis systems."

  • Six high-definition waveshape transformation algorithms.
  • Dynamic fractal generator for waveshape modulation.
  • Intuitive, resolution-independent user interface with full parameter automation.

Price: $29

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Source via Music Informatory