Effect: Sugar Bytes - Turnado

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Sugar Bytes announces Turnado, a new multi-effect for both Windows and Mac OS.

"Turnado is your new multi-effect tool crafted especially for massive and real-time audio manipulation, providing countless truly unique effects, creating sounds unheard of every time you turn it on. Turnado is both: hands-on stage performance boost and serious tool for studio perfectionism, giving you direct control of up to 8 different effects at any given time, with a total of 24 effects available.

The idea is simple:
Turn a knob and the effect is on.
Turn the knob further and effect parameters start to move and modulations start to apply.
Turn the knob down and the effect is off.

This one-knob-action fits perfectly for all kinds of studio or stage situation where you bang your midi controller creating wicked breaks to let the crowd dance even harder."

Turnado comes for Mac/PC as Standalone application and VST/AU plugin and will be released in early summer 2011.

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Source via Music Informatory