Instrument: M-RGT - psyBOX

Music Making Software

M-RGT launches psyBOX, a space-atmospheric soundscape generator that can create ambient music automatically. Sounds very cool. This software I would like to use for my Ambient music. Please make a Mac version? :)

"psyBOX is a space-atmospheric soundscape generator - made to produce sounds, which can be used to create ambient and space- music.This particular tool can be called 'pilotless'. When you press 'Start' button, you will plunge into the boundless world of the drifting waves woven in amazing sound textures. Depths of the outer space and the touch of the strange worlds, earth and heaven, dark and light sides of the existence – all these are the shades of the sound palette of the psyBOX. The processes inside that instrument live and develop independently creating all those landscapes. I recommend psyBOX as a source for inspiration when you need new ideas."

Price: $12.50

Anyone knows of a software like this for Mac?

Source via Music Informatory