Effect: whiteLABEL - d:SHIFT

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whiteLABEL launches d:SHIFT, a delay effect plugin for Windows.

"A stereo pitch-shifter piles head-long into an echo box with filters bit-crusher and waveshaper. To pour acid in the wounds : modulators attack both pitch and delay time.

'This oh-so desirable effect combines pitchshifting and delay to produce lush choruses, swirling echoes and some dynamite vocal doubling'

With delay times ranging from 2 milliseconds right the way up to five seconds, the feedback path is the most important part of this effect ... that's where you'll find a pitch-shifter, a bit-crusher, a wave-shaper and a shelving filter. A wide variety of effects can be generated from subtle chorus-type sounds to nasty smashed-up swooping loops, clean slap-delays to evil bad-guy voice effects. "

Price: £15

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Source via Music Informatory