Live Rack: AfroDJMac Yamaha CP35 Rack / Pc / Mac / Free

AfroDJMac launches AfroDJMac Yamaha CP35 Rack, a free Ableton Live rack. This time he sampled a vintage electric keyboard, bringing the masses sounds from warm-Fender Rhodes-type tones to some funky Stevie Wonder keys.

"The original model has flanger and tremolo effects, which I have attempted to emulate.  I’ve also added some chorus, vibrato,  and delay to add some flavor to it.  The CP-35 is capable of a fairly wide range of electric piano sounds, and I have sampled five offerings.  So the next time you need a nice dreamy vintage piano sound reminiscent of ‘Daniel’ by Elton John, or a Stevie Wonder-esque funk piano, load up the AfroDJMac CP-35 rack"