Synhesizer: xoxos - Naive Lead VST

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xoxos unveils Naive Lead, a polyphonic synth for Windows.

"Naive Lad is a concept synth.. oversampling is used to antialias (to an extent) trivially rendered oscillators. This may offer some benefit in contrast to other methods (especially if you like aliasing!). This VST is presented to offer some insight into dsp to promote informed application of synthesis. If you know what you're using, you'll know when it's best used.
Up to five filter algorithms are available (fast, Stilson/Smith Moog, Karlsen, SV, biquad) for four modes. The licensed version (with 6 voices of polyphony or more at request) is bundled with W VST. The demo version is limited to two voices of polyphony :) Two banks of presets contributed by ten sound designers are included."

Price: $10 (bundled with W VST).

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Source via Music Informatory