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Crysonic unveils SpectraPhy V2HD, the next version of their awesome limiter / maximizer effect for both Windows and Mac OS.

"What makes the Spectra'phy V2 process unique is the novel approach used for its dynamic signal analysis. Internally Sprectra'phy utilizes a special physics engine (Nephilim Audio) to accurately simulate multiple response signals to maximize the perceived signal volume and to also "brick wall" upper limit to peak set levels. Final response curves are computed on the analysis of multiple simulations each having different characteristics that are driven mainly by incoming transient signals concurrently. This approach tends to produce a more natural sound, almost completely eliminating the risk of introducing audible nonlinear distortion."

Some Features:
  • • NEW Second Generation Physics based Peak Limiting and Audio Dynamics Maximization
  • • NEW Transparent Multi-Band Auto summing processor
  • • NEW Individual Gain Threshold adjustment of L/R channels for all Bands
  • • NEW Kalman Filter Based smoothing of peak transients
  • • NEW Linear or Exponential modes for imparting analog warmth
  • • NEW Cross-Over filter frequency selection component
  • • NEW Gorgeous and easy to follow User Interface
  • • NEW Look-ahead Brickwall limiting Algorithm with no overshoots
  • • Full Automation for all parameters
  • • Industry standard Gain reduction and RMS meters
  • • 100% 64-bit internal precision
  • • Highly optimized custom DSP code
  • • Suitable for All Audio /Music Production

Price: introductory price of $58

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Source via Music Informatory