Live Rack: AfroDJMac - Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #12: Vocal Rack and Dub Delay / Pc / Mac / Free

AfroDJMac unveils the free Ableton Live Rack Vocal Rack and Dub Delay!

"This is a rack I place on a Send Channel and use it to further manipulate various tracks in my set up.  It has delay, reverb, chorus, high pass filter and allows you to send the output of the track back to the track itself, creating the Dub Delay effect.  ( Dub Delay is simply when the output of a delay is fed back into the delay, essentially creating a feedback loop).  In order to enable the sends on a send channel, you need to right click the send knob and select “enable send.”  Be careful with this particular technique, because the track can get very loud very quickly."

Source via Music Informatory