Effect: Rob Papen - RP-Distort

Music Making Software
Rob Papen unveils RP-Distort, a new distortion effect for both Windows and Mac OS X.
"RP-Distort is not just a distortion unit, but much more. The distortion unit inside RP-Distort can be combined with an analog modelled filter, compressor and widener unit.

These units can be re-order, but also can be turned on or off. So in case you only want a great analog modeled filter... RP-Distort can offer this. Or only the unique widener unit which is great for widening a boring mono track.

On top of that, the controls can be modulated using midi sources or by one of the 4 build in LFO’s that can sync to your host tempo.. The distortion unit offers 22 distortion types included ring modulator and lo-fi"

Price: TBA

Source via Music Informatory