Synthesizer: discoDSP - Corona R2

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discoDSP launches Corona R2, a synthesizer for both Windows and Mac OS X.

"32 and 64-bit, virtual analog and wave synthesizer for Audio Units, VST hosts featuring 3 VA + WAVE oscillators, 14 oscillator combine modes, 8 destination matrix modulations, 3 LFOs, 3 ADSR envelopes, unison, chorus, delay and limiter effects, high-quality sound and analog modeled filters."

What's new:
  • SoundFont 2 (SF2) supported by wave oscillators.
  • Support for folders with .dwb extension for custom oscillator WAV / SF2 load.
  • Super 7 Unison. Modeled Super Saw for parabola, saw, square, triangle and sine oscillators.
  • Additional ADR curves on modulation envelope.
  • LFO smoothing.
  • Phase parameter now working with wave oscillators.
  • Modulation matrix unison detune destination.
  • Factory and Creation bank presets sorted by type.
  • GUI enhancements, sub pixel rendered fonts, new logos and module reallocation.

Price: 95 € or 139 USD

Source via Music Informatory