Effect: G-Sonique - Mid-Side: stereophonic harmonic generator / vitaliser+

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G-Sonique unveils Mid-Side Stereophonic Harmonic Generator/Vitalizer+, an effect for Windows.

"Mid-Side: SHG/V+  is not just a basic stereo widening tool, it is brand new way of controlling and effecting the stereo space of your mixes, adding ambiance,
depth and color/higher harmonics to the stereo (side) part of your music. Basic stereo widening is a technology of the past. Mid-Side: SHG/V+  allows you to
split/extract sound into Mid and Side parts of the sound and adjust the mono (mid) and stereo (side) parts according to your arbitrary requirements:  equalize
stereo (side) parts by two separate modules (freq, q-bandwidth, boost), add higher harmonics/analog color to the equalized stereo (side) signal, delay overall
side (stereo) signal by a very few milliseconds to create theatrical atmospheres, ambiance and space or just delay one equalized/colorized/boosted part of
signal to create a slight reverb effect. You can boost or attenuate the mono (mid) part, attenuate or  boost the stereo (side) part by 1 to 3 times more, pass full
frequency spectrum signals through a stereo (side) circuit 20hz to 20khz (by the original side signal mix level knob) or just pass through only two filtered
frequencies of side harmonic generators, 1 and 2."

  • Mid (mono) level slider for attenuating or boosting the Mid (mono) part of the sound by up to twice the amount.
  • Side (stereo) level slider for attenuating or boosting the Side (stereo) part of the sound by up to 3 times more.
  • Side harmonic generator 2. - module that filters a defined frequency range of the side (stereo) signal within a certain bandwidth, by a frequency and bandwidth
  • (Q) knob. Additionally you can generate higher harmonics of this band or add analogue color (by harmonics knob) and boost this frequency band of the side
  • part of the signal.
  • Side harmonic generator 1. - similar module with an added additional time delay knob, by which you can delay selected and effected frequency bands of the
  • side part of the signal by a few milliseconds (0-350ms) to add more ambiance, space and reverb effects.
  • Side signal module to set additional parameters of the side (stereo) extracted part of the signal such as :
  • Original side signal mix level knob to set how much of the full frequency (20hz-20khz) signal of the extracted side (stereo) part of the sound will be mixed with
  • the filtered side signals from the Side harmonic generators 1 and 2.
  • Side signal total delay knob for very transparent (almost inaudible) signal delay of SIDE (stereo) part of signal towards the MID (mono) part of signal to create
  • a better ambiance, depth and stereoscopic atmosphere of the effected sound/channel.
  • Bypass for comparing your track with and without the effect
  • Dry/Wet knob for precise setting how much of effect will be applied

Price: 24.90 EUR

Source via Music Informatory