Effect: G-Sonique - Transient shaping system+

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G-Sonique launches Transient shaping system+, a new dynamic effect for Windows.

"Are your drums or percussion sounding unprofessional, boring and flat? Were they recorded in poor acoustic conditions or just missing transients, punch or
energy? Or maybe it's vice versa and their sound is too sharp and aggressive? No problem! Transient shaping system+ is tool intended to fix most possible
problems with your drums or percussion and give them a fresh modern sound, punchy shape and adapt their envelope or transients to your requirements.

Transient shaping system+ is not a dynamic processor that is controlled by input level amounts (like a compressor). Overall sound is controlled and
shaped by its own dynamics and transients!"

  • Transient control – long
  • Transient control – short
  • Input and output volume knob
  • Saturation shaping of transient control – short/long module
  • Bypass for comparing your track with and without the effect
  • Dry/Wet knob for precise setting how much of effect will be applied
  • Preset manager

Introductory price of 15.90 EUR

Source via Music Informatory