Instrument: Sound Magic - GrandEpiano

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Sound Magic launches GrandEpiano, a hybrid modeling electric piano instrument for Windows.

"GrandEpiano is a hybrid modeling electric piano. By utilizing Sound Magic Award-Winning Hybrid Modeling Technology, GrandEpiano can simulate several acclaimed vintage epianos such as Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Horner. The most important feature of it is that you can freely "hybrid" this epiano sound with any piano modules in Supreme Piano 2 to create a new fantastic hybrid sound. Aslo GrandEpiano has built in several professional effect to help you shape final sound. GrandEpiano is provided as a VST effect unit under Windows or an Add-on for Sound Magic Supreme Pianos."


NEO Hybrid Modeling Electric Pianos

Internal Delay, Phaser, Chorus, Reverb and Compressor effect unit

Separate controls under Hybrid mode

Price: €50

Source via Music Informatory