Effect: G-Sonique - Mid-Side: Creative Stereo-Phase Filter+

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G-Sonique launches Mid-Side: Creative Stereo-Phase Filter+, a new effect for Windows.

"a VST effect unit that offers new creative ways of stereophonic sound modulation. It creates special 3D modulation effects with phasing / filtering and the illusion of effected sound that will fly around your head while the center (mid) of the sound stays untouched. From weird psychedelic modulation to side phase and filter effects. The possibilities are immense. A very useful and creative effect for producing both electronic dance and acoustic music for everyone who is looking out for a new, original and progressive/modern sound."

Some features:

Mid (mono) level slider for attenuating or boosting the Mid (mono) part of the sound by up to twice the amount.

Side (stereo) level slider for attenuating or boosting the Side (stereo) part of the sound by up to 5 times more.

Phase modulation unit with adjustable parameters like frequency, rate, feed, depth, mix (dry/wet), phase invert

Time modulation unit with the possibility to delay the side part of the signal against the mid signal (side delay knob), delay the filtered signal against the side
signal (side filter knob), and use a floating delay modulation of the side signal by a LFO (side delay LFO mod.)

Analog sounding liquid filters with G-Filters, a series modeled after codes from DSP chips of hardware synthesizers and an analogue low pass with a
creamy sound modeled after vintage hardware keyboards/synths: G-Low pass, G-Band pass, G-High pass, Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject,
Peaking, Analogue low pass, None. Cut-off and resonance knob which can be modulated by a free-running LFO (4 waveforms available)

Bypass for comparing your track with and without the effect

Dry/Wet knob for precise setting how much of effect will be applied

Preset manager with 60+ precisely selected example presets (from crazy weird psychedelic modulations to gentle side phase effects)

Price: €16.90

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Source via Music Informatory