DAW: Rosegarden 11.11 "Edelweiss" / Linux / Free

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Rosegarden version 11.11 called "Edelweiss" is released, it's a free audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.

"Rosegarden 11.11 “Edelweiss” released! This release is the first version of Rosegarden to compile using only Qt 4. It is about half feature release, half bugfix release, with quite a bit to offer on both fronts. This should be considered a less stable and more experimental release that lays plenty of groundwork for future work on several fronts."

New Features
  • Linked segments
  • “Turn Links into Copies” entry is added to the segment menu
  • Repeated segments may be may be displayed in the notation editor in several optional ways
  • Redundant clefs and keys may be hidden automatically
  • In the configuration dialog a new tab controls the preceding features
  • Changed the behavior of SegmentSplitCommand to ensure that if a segment was selected before being split, the two new split segments would also be selected
  • FitToBeatsCommand. In contrast to CreateTempoMapFromSegmentCommand which takes a beat track and adjusts tempo to puts the beats evenly in real time, FitToBeatsCommand takes a beat track and adjusts tempo to put real time and beats exactly on the given notes
  • Made PasteConductorDataCommand an actual command, adding code to make it safe when there are existing tempos and time signatures
  • EraseTempiInRangeCommand
  • ExpandFigurationCommand, which lets you define a bar of figuration and expand it for every block chord in a segment
  • Improved performance of VU meters
  • Linked segments can be used to create repeats with 1..n alternate endings (with some caveats)
  • Segment → Create Anacrusis automates a tedious sequence of steps, making it a snap to start pickup notes at precisely the right time, with all the following segments lining up properly

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed B#/Cb octave export problem in MusicXML and Mup
  • Fixed problem with segments repeating when they shouldn't have been
  • Fixed the solo buttons in the transport toolbars in the notation and matrix editors, and changed the behavior so that the solo button is in the same state everywhere, no matter what content is being displayed in a particular window
  • Fixed the settings amnesia problem with the main window parameter area
  • Fixed a bug where events beyond the end marker of the first segment in a join would appear in the joined segment
  • After joining segments, the newly created segment is now selected
  • Pitch tracker now tracks pitches when they are in octaves below notated with “ignore
  • octave error” on
  • Pitch tracker honors “ignore octave error” flag
  • Default pitch tracker settings are no longer stupid
  • Flats were not cancelled on a C-maj key change
  • Rulers in notation were desynchronized when a segment was deleted while some zoom factor was in use
  • The “anacrusis problem” which was giving a broken notation when a segment in contact with a preceding one was not starting at the beginning of a bar
Source via Music Informatory