Drum Machine: Supersynth - Klang Drum Machine

Music Making Software

Supersynth launches Klang Drum Machine, a drum machine for Windows. Sounds great!

"Klang Drum Machine has 8 layers, each with its own mixer, panner, midi channel selector, envelope controls and loop editor. Each layer is MIDI CC learnable, so you can assign them to pads, keys, etc. 

The pattern sequencer allows you to either create up to 64 patterns that can play in any order you wish or you can stack them to create multi-timbral patterns. A series of video demos are in the works to show how you use every facet of the pattern sequencer and loop editors, as well as everything else. Finally, you can load and save patterns and banks of patterns. "

  • VERY low footprint for instant results
  • Use as many instances as you want
  • 8 Layers with envelope, mixing & panning
  • Multiple tempo-synced effects
  • MIDI channel learnable and selectable
  • Full-featured pattern sequencer
  • 750MB sample library!

Price: $40