Effect: Mildon Studios - Provoc Primer

Music Making Software

Mildon Studios has launched Provoc Primer, a vocal effect processor for Windows.

"Provoc Primer lets you instantly process vocals in a matter of seconds. It features a single "Shape" control that applies just the right amount of EQ and Compression to your vocals, allowing you to further mix with ease. It is designed to give you a consistent starting point for each vocal track. It is extremely useful when working with albums or single tracks with many vocal parts.

The simple interface shows you a graph of the EQ that will be applied to the sound. Simply drag the level line up and down to adjust the amount of shaping. A small amount of compression is applied, enough to "glue" the vocals together, but still leaving a lot of room for further compression down the chain. The "Shape" control affects both EQ and Compression."

Price: introductory price of $14.50 (regular $29)