Effect: Molecular Bytes - Atomic Reverb

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Molecular Bytes launches Atomic Reverb, an algorithmic reverb effect for Windows.

"Evolved high-technology - atomic reverb represents one of the currently most modern room and reverbation processors. Sophisticated algorithms combined with a clear and friendly user-interface completes this powerful effect plug-in.
With its unique combination of algorithms, you can design acoustic room patterns in every conceivable way and for exactly the required purpose.
And if you want it quicker, select any of the predefined and categorized presets (more than 150 available!) ."

  • Superior smooth and dense reverb tail
  • Optionally infinite density tail (limited by sample rate)
  • Double precision, full 64Bit internal signal processing
  • zero Latency
  • Room-Size reconstructions and spatial emulation, incoherent Stereo
  • Acurate reality using simulated airflow movement
  • Graphical displays to visualize reverb settings
  • Adjustable gated reverb duration
  • 5 Band equalizer
  • 170+ changeable early-reflection signatures to create individual room sounds
  • 150+ factory presets
  • Clear and easy preset-browser, handling different categories

Price: introductory price of 69 EUR (119 EUR)

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Source via Music Informatory