Plugin: Jon Grove - J-Scope / Pc / Free

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Jon Grove launches J-Scope, a free oscilloscope plugin for Windows.
"I've tried to make it fairly similar to a real oscilloscope, although the fact that the waveform is fed to it in bursts which don't necessarily synchronise with the computer's display refresh rate or with the oscilloscope's sweep rate makes it hard to accurately model a real screen."

  • Timebase from 1s/div (0.1Hz) to 0.1ms/div (1kHz)
  • Gain (Y) from x0.1 to x100
  • DC or AC coupled
  • Variable X-offset of trace(s)
  • Y-offsets of stereo traces individually adjustable
  • Adjustable trigger level, on positive or negative slopes
  • Delayed triggering
  • Display 'freeze' option
  • Adjustable phosphor persistence
  • Optional graticule with variable brightness
  • 8 preset modes for quick setup
  • Two separate traces, L and R
  • Single trace, sum of L and R
  • Single trace, difference between L and R
  • X/Y (Lissajous) plot, L vs R
  • X/Y (Lissajous) plot, Sum(L+R) vs Diff(L-R)