Synthesizer: Ftec-Audio - Formant Classic Advanced

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Ftec-Audio unveils the Formant Classic Advanced synthesizer for Windows.
"The Formant Classic Advanced is an extended Donation Ware version of the "Formant Classic" Free Ware version based on the legendary Elektor Formant DIY (Do It Your self) synthesizer of 1977/78 . It is available as a standalone version and VSTi plugin version for Microsoft based computers. New!!!"

  • Analog subtractive semi modular design
  • Monophonic, polyphonic and unison play modes, up to 16 voices
  • Enhanced modulation possibilities e.g. single voice aftertouch in poly patch
  • 32 cell polyphonic sequencer with independent trigger, pitch, gate and modulation strips
  • Polyphonic Arpegiator that can use sequencer cells for special arpegiations
  • Effect module with Panning, Chorus/Flanger, Ring Modulation, stereo/cross Delay and Reverb
  • Flexible patch play parameter assignment
  • Automatic sequencer, arpegiator, LFO's and delay effect tempo and position syncing to host
  • Both standalone (.exe) and VSTi plugin (.dll) versions available

Price: Donationware

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Source via Music Informatory