Instrument: Sound Magic - Piano Thor

Music Making Software

Sound Magic launches Piano Thor, a virtual piano instrument for both Windows and Mac OS X.

"The most famous grand piano in history has come to life again! Introducing the Steinway piano played by Vladimir Horowitz.

This is the sound of the piano "Thor" developed from the most famous Steinway piano - perhaps the most famous grand piano - in history. This is the Steinway D numbered CD443, the piano that Vladimir Horowitz loved most. The CD443, Mr. Horowitz's last piano, was selected by the artist for his own personal home use. When he was first introduced to this instrument, Mr. Horowitz had reservations about the piano's action (which was rather heavy) but came to love the instrument so much that, when he briefly considered concertizing in 1989, he planned to take the CD443 with him. This piano was used for recording sessions made at his home in both 1988 and 1989."


HD Velocity Layer Ver.2 supports up to 65,536 Velocity Layers! and CC#88 for High Definition Velocity*

Multi-microphone positions enable users to mix between different microphone positions and create new sounds that easily fit into a mix. *

Real Piano Legato make the legato passage so real with a sustaining tone. *

Scala Tuning System enable users to select different temperaments for their music *

Powerful Add-on System *

Meticulous Dynamic Response controls enable users to adjust the dynamics of the piano, change the keyboard response, and achieve both realism and playability at the same time!

New! Our 264-string Sympathetic Resonance System adds beautiful harmonies to both pedal up and pedal down notes. *

Piano Thor is able to detect repeated notes and activate True Staccato Mode which precisely reproduces staccato notes.

Built-in professional Reverb Engine simulates resonances with environment and soundboard, adding extra realism to the sound.

Actual modeling and soft pedal samples vividly present the sound of four kinds of pedals.

Treasure Map GUI

Customizing pictures/icons on GUI '

Add-on data bank which makes getting a huge variety of sounds fast and easy '

Faster load times. Smaller hard drive footprint, less memory and less CPU usage.

Price: €129