Plugin: Zynaptiq - PITCHMAP

Music Making Software

Zynaptiq launches PITCHMAP, a polyphonic pitch-correction and pitch-mapping plugin for Mac (soon Win).

"PITCHMAP is the world's first and only plug-in that allows processing the pitch of individual notes within polyphonic signals in real-time. It allows correcting tuning inaccuracies automatically as well as changing melodies, harmonies and chords on-the-fly. Whether you need to change an entire song from major to minor, correct a single wrong note in an otherwise perfect performance or make a recorded string arrangement fit a different composition, PITCHMAP does all that and more within seconds."

  • Automatic correction of pitch inaccuracies in polyphonic/mixed signals
  • Pitch Mapping: Change harmonies and melodies on the fly
  • Pitch Mapping via GUI-created source/destination maps or real-time MIDI-input
  • Macro controls for near-instant creation of harmony- and key-changes
  • Snapshot functionality for fast workflow and easy automation
  • Perceptive modeling based Natural mode for voice-adapted processing
  • Continuously variable Electrify parameter for making results sound synthetic in an exciting and unique way

Price: USD/EUR 399,- and a limited-time introductory price of USD/EUR 269,- is available until April 1st, 2012