Synthesizer: Guda Audio - Euterpe A New Version!

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Guda Audio launches Euterpe, a virtual analog synthesizer for Mac OS X (soon Win).
"Euterpe features:

  • Polyphonic mode with up to 24 simultaneous notes that should be enough for even the most elaborated master pieces.
  • Monophonic mode with adjustable glide/portamento time to make beautiful leads and heavy acid tracks.
  • Full midi control with velocity sensitive keys, adjustable vibrato on modulation wheel, and pitch wheel control to move the pitch up/down 1 octave.
  • 2 oscillators. Pulse width modulation on square. Freely adjustable oscillators between sine, triangle, saw and square.
  • Both oscillators support "multiple oscillators" mode that can be used for super saw sounds and all kind of fattyness.
  • Second oscillator can be detuned up or down 2 octaves and have a dedicated knob for finetune.
  • Smooth clipping with a limiter to avoid unwanted clicks and digital distortion.
  • Classic easy to use "Attack Decay Sustain Release" Envelopes, one for amplitude and one for filter modulation.
  • Three resonant filter types, two kind of lowpass filters where one is moog style ladder filter and one highpass filter.
  • Adjustable keyfollow on filter.
  • Filter has decimation control that follows filter cutoff envelopes! This is sweet for lo fi leads and why not combine it with the dist to make a really gritty sound will pierce through any mix.
  • Simple to use echo with stereo control that easily opens up the stereo image.
  • Easy to use reverb with mix, size and color control. Great for giving any synth sound a lush broad sound.
  • Oscilloscope!! Monitor your sound as you are tweaking it. Also great to gain a better understanding of the inner workings what happends under the hood.
  • Load and save presets. Load any of the pre-packed presets and save your favourite tweaks!
  • Clipping indicator that lits up everytime the sound clips or the built in limiter has to kick in.
  • Smooth parameter changes for best automation.
  • Handles any sample rates.
  • Band limited oscillators to prevent nasty aliasing.

Available for Mac OS X in VST and AU format. (Windows version is under development and will be available during Q1)"

Price: €29

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