Effect: G-Sonique - Mid-Side Envelope Follower / FX multi-filter+

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G-Sonique unveils Mid-Side Envelope Follower / FX multi-filter+ VST effect for Windows.

"the signal is split into MID (mono) and stereo (side) parts, each part can be boosted or
attenuated to create larger or smaller panoramic 3D effects, filtered by 9 various filters and Ring Modulation Twist FX or Analog Distortion FX. Each of the two
filters (of the Mid or Side parts) can be modulated by an envelope follower (attack, release, envelope amount) and the dynamics of the music signal as well as
with a LFO (speed, depth and 4 waveforms). If you prefer a less altered signal, a Dry/Wet knob is available - you can use just 10% wet and 90% dry for more
gentle effects, or use a 100% wet (Altered) signal for a short part of your song"


- Mid (mono part of signal) and Side (stereo part) splitter, with the possibility to boost or attenuate each part. (side stereo signal can be boosted up to 5x)

- 1x MID and 1x Side filter module with 9 different filters (G-Low pass, G-Band pass, G-High pass, Low pass, Band pass, High pass, Band reject, Peaking,
Analog low pass, None)

- 1x MID and 1x Side envelope follower (with attack, release, envelope amount control) that modulates the cutoff frequency of the filter.

- 1x MID and 1x Side LFO (with speed and depth control and 4 waveforms: sine, saw-tooth, triangle, Square) that can additionally modulate cutoff frequency
of the filter.

- 1x Ring modulator Twist FX with knob for controlling amount of the effect from 0 to 100% on MID part

- 1x Analog Distortion effect with a warm sound on the SIDE part of the signal

- Dry/Wet knob of overall effect amount

- Preset manager with selected example presets

Price: Introductory: €14, regular €18.90

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