Effect: Sound Magic - Neo Preamp

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Sound Magic launches Neo Preamp, a vintage tube preamp effect for Windows.

"Neo Preamp is reminiscent of a vintage channel strip which not only boosts or cuts the audio signal, but also add "things" to it. People like to remember that this or that particular vintage gear added a certain color to their recordings - and this is exactly what Neo Preamp does. By modeling several famous vintage units both for Neo Dynamic and Neo Preamp, Sound Magic has realized that both Clipping Shape and Non-Linear Dynamic Response are the keys to this special flavor, this marvelous color of years gone by. Sound Magic has created 6 controls that allow you to adjust the shape of Dynamic Response and Clipping Type. It's not only possible to recreate that vintage sound, you now have incredible control over it!

If your recordings are too clean, then Neo Preamp can add depth and thickness to your recordings. If your recordings are too cold, then Neo Preamp can add just the right amount warmth to them. Even if your signal is too wet, Neo Preamp can add depth and details to your recordings, making individual instruments jump out from the crowd. And if you simply want to explore some new sonic directions,, Neo Preamp can create new colors and new tonal ideas, creating amazing sounds far beyond your expectations!"

  • Internal 64 Bit Double Precision Floating Point
  • Low CPU and super fast response speed make it ideal for recordings
  • 6 controls to the behaviors of the preamp
  • 16 Presets for different styles of sound
  • Both Tube Metering and Volt Meter for users to monitor the working states
  • 2 clipping type to switch for different sound styles
  • Incredibly Accurate Modeling by Sound Magic's Award Winning Modeling Technology
  • Different plug-in version to fit for usage
  • Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution

Price: €49

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