Effect: STW Audio - Reflex Pro V2

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STW Audio launches Reflex Pro V2, a 4 channel multi-fx delay effect for Windows

"REFLEX PRO V2 is the enhanced version of REFLEX Pro.
It covers a wide range from generic delay up to spacey ambience, droning pads or even heavy distortion effects. Preconfigured intuitive and yet flexible and with countless routing and sound variations."

  • Two independent stereo delay paths with a pre-defeined feedback matrix or individual feedback options. A special LFO known from the REFLEX free ambience generator adds subtile modulation .
  • NEW: Two filter sections including 16 single and 8 double filter types with selectable "hook points".
  • NEW: Two waveshaping sections featuring 7 shaping types from soft saturation to crushing Lofi sounds.
  • One additional feedback loop with 4 routing types for dense reverb and feedback effects.
  • 4 channel frequency shifter for unique flanging and frequency modulation sounds.
  • Bandsplitter for easy frequency dependent processing
  • 4 LFO modulation sources with 46 waveforms 3 different play and many trigger modes. NEW: LFO depth and rate can be modulated!
  • 2 Envelope followers driven by RMS detectors with 0/1 clipping settings.
  • A panorama rotation algorithm for special rotating sounds beyond the possibilities of a standard L/R panning.
  • NEW: Ambience section adding extra reverb with different routing options featuring very special soundscapes.
  • Modulation of most parameters with six modulation sources.
  • Free assignable Midi controllers
  • Comes with more than 220 inspiring presets

Price: Special Introduction Price until April 22.:

29.-€ (normal Price: 49.- € for EU customers), 24,37 € for non EU customers

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