iOS: How to Make a Music App for iOS - Free Book Excerpt

Making Music Apps for iOS

Create Digital Music offers the first chapter in O'Reilly / Peter Brinkmann's book "Making Musical Apps". A great book if you are planning to make your own apps to create music on iOS with.

"Apple yesterday described their iPad as “this magical pane of glass that can become anything you want it to be.” So – how about making mobile devices into what you want it to be?
With the help of author Peter Brinkmann and publisher O’Reilly, we’d like to give you a taste of Peter’s new book, Making Musical Apps: Real-time audio synthesis on Android and iOS. Imagining that a lot of you are especially curious about iOS, we’ll include the chapter on how to get started with development. It really gives you a sense of how easy this can be; the challenge is, as it should be, coming up with musical ideas. And Apple did say that they thought that technology was at its best when it was “invisible,” not when it was “inaudible.” So let’s make it make some noise."