Synthesizer: / u-he - Tyrell N6 / Pc / Mac / Free

Music Making Software launches Tyrell N6 made by u-he, a free analog synthesizer for both Windows and OS X.

"Tyrell is the name of a project by the German online magazine A reader survey and follow-on forum posts provided a pool of ideas for a low cost HARDWARE analogue synth, which Mic 'Moogulator' Irmer used to develop quite a powerful concept. Based on a design similar to Roland's classic Juno 60, a few modules and novel features could be added without making the product too expensive... "

Some features:
  • classic, familiar user interface with extras
  • smooth overdrive in the oscillator mixer
  • filter output can be fed back into the mixer
  • unison modes with voice-specific modulation source
  • envelopes can be looped or triggered via LFO
  • envelopes retrigger like classic hardware

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