Synthesizer: Sonic Academy - ANA Synth

Music Making Software

Sonic Academy unveils ANA Synth, a virtual analog synthesizer for both Windows and OS X.

"We believe that a great sounding main synth is key to great sounding productions but for too long these type of products have been priced out of reach for most aspiring producers. With ANA we aim to change that!
ANA has been designed from the ground up to create all the sounds you hear in modern and classic electronic music.

It is designed to be extremely user friendly and intuitive. Everything is set out clearly and with a logical flow. In the coming weeks we will continue to support the plugin with tutorials to help you really understand the fundamentals of good sound design and enable you to create sounds you never before thought possible."

  • 4 Oscillators with 57 Different waveform types
  • OSC 1 & 2 can have 8 voices per OSC with width and detune
  • 13 Filtered types including Vintage Analog and Formant (Talky) Models
  • ADSR Filter, and Amp Envelopes with switchable curves
  • ADSR Assignable Envelop with 27 targets
  • Graphical Envelope - 16 nodes asignable to 27 Targets
  • Chord Hold - Memorise up to 5 notes for instant one finger playback
  • 2 Low Frequency Oscillators with 7 waveform types, 2 outputs each with 27 targets
  • 2 Modulation sections with 9 sources and 27 targets
  • FX Section with 10 Fx types including - Phaser, Chorus, Amp Sim, Exciter, Clip Distortion, Decimator, Compressor, Bass Enhancer, Delay and Reverb.
  • Legato and Slide Mode
  • Preview - playback midi sequence while browsing patches to get a better idea of the sound.
  • 250 Presets included

Price: Introductory £49.99 (£59.99)