Effect: Sinevibes - Reactive

reactive crate sounds

Sinevibes unveils Reactive, an AudioUnit effect plugin for OS X that turns any audio into melodic material.

"It detects the input signal's dynamic envelope and transforms it into pitch information via a note matrix with eight switchable patterns. The envelope and pitch are then used to drive no less than three distinct synthesizer engines – waveshape modeling, phase modulation, and subtractive with ring modulation"

What it does:
  • Use any sound source's dynamics to generate new melodies.
  • Instantly transform vocal beat-boxing or simple microphone tapping into bass and synth lines, glitches, and noises.
  • Turn rhythmic audio material into interesting strumming or arpeggiating synthesizer sounds

Price: It will be released late April or early May. Pre-order for a special low price.