iOS: The Strange Agency - HyperSpace

hyperspace ios music creation

The Strange Agency unveils HyperSpace, a waveform-sculpting 3-D oscilloscope synth for iOS.

"HyperSpace uses a unique algorithm to generate endless mesmerizing images from sound. It works similarly to a harmonograph, but uses its 3 voice oscillators instead of pendulums to create images. Each oscillator is mapped to a dimension in 3-D space. Playing a single note creates a wave, like on an ordinary oscilloscope. Playing two notes at once creates a plane as with the harmonograph, and playing a three note chord creates a volume"

  • • Selectable keyboard scales for easier jams
  • • Fat keys option for fat fingers
  • • Three voice polyphony
  • • Two LFO modulators
  • • Lowpass filter effect
  • • Echo effect
  • • Audio Copy
  • • iTunes file sharing
  • • Works on iPad and iPhone 4s/4/3GS

Price: $0.99