iOS: Exploded Views Media - HyperTunes

Hypertunes iphone music sequencer

Exploded Views Media unveils HyperTunes, a new iOS music sequencer app that is quite different from normal sequencers. A new way of thinking. Looks cool, but a bit expensive though..

"Meet a new category of music making app.

Part sequencer, part Content Management System, HyperTunes is a serious arranging instrument that just happens to be fun to use, quick to master, and truly mobile-friendly."


You can start from a song form and then plug in instrument parts later, the way an artist might sketch out a piece first before filling in the details.

Or, you can work in an exploratory manner, adding one new section at a time.

Rearrange the entire song in one step, just by selecting a different song form from the extensive built-in menu, or by defining your own unique form.

Plug instrument parts - drum grooves, bass lines, guitar licks, keyboard riffs - into the sections of your song at any time, in just a few touches.

Modify the chords/keys of any section at any time. HyperTunes always transposes the parts of your song to fit the currently associated chords.

But HyperTunes isn't just about super-flexible arranging operations. It also maximizes the accessibility of your content.

It lets you access all your MIDI content in just a few touches, so that you can easily share and reuse content between different songs and libraries.

Import any number of original music projects and third party pattern libraries in General MIDI format.

Export your arrangement as General MIDI for performance or further development using your desktop sequencer or other music making tools.

Price: $9.99