iOS: Taco van Dijk - Changeling 1.1

changeling ios sequencer

Taco van Dijk has released an update to the Changeling sequencer app for iOS. Changeling is a super easy, flexible, diatonic chord sequencer.

"Changeling sequencer 1.1 is now available in the App Store!

Included are a lot of the features that have been requested in your reviews and emails:

MIDI export by e-mail. The MIDI export recording is started by touching the play button in idle mode. Touch the stop button, and the export button will light up.
Multiple undo and redo, for a more robust saving experience
Custom soundfont (also for the people that think the default sound is not loud enough )"

It's purpose is to help people enjoy composing music by providing the basic tools to improvise!
Improvisation is a skill that can normally only be obtained by investing a lot of discipline and time in to studying music theory and practice.

Use Changeling's 16 MIDI channels to record patterns to your DAW or other MIDI capable IOS apps.
Or send an exported sequence via email to someone you are collaborating with.

Price: $4.99