Synthesizer: H-Pi Instruments - microsynth

microsynth mac

H-Pi Instruments launches microsynth, a polyphonic multi-timbral microtonal synth for Mac.

"Most software synthesizers do not allow control over the tuning of output pitches. Those which do provide tuning control usually have only the most basic and limited features. microsynth is different, providing complete control over tuning, allowing multiple tunings of up to 2048 unique pitches, options for automated switching between different tunings, and real-time changes of scale Keys, Maps and Octaves. Whereas the majority of software synthesizers are mono-timbral, the full version of microsynth is also 16-part multi-timbral, providing 16 tracks which can all operate independently in terms of tuning. microsynth is compatible with any MIDI controller, including U-PLEX and TPX keyboards, and can communicate with sequencing and notation software such as Sibelius, Finale, Logic, Digital Performer, etc. Output can be recorded as .wav files for importing into any DAW"


  • polyphonic multi-timbral microtonal synthesizer
  • 16 tracks
  • unlimited tunings, any key to any pitch
  • individual tuning per track
  • supports MTS real-time Sysex messages
  • supports .scl .tun .hz .csv .mtx .gly and .tonex tuning files
  • supports single channel tuning tables of 128 tones
  • supports OMNI-channel tuning tables of 2048 tones
  • allows real time transposition and remapping of scales
  • unlimited user-defined MIDI CC tuning switches and tuners
  • supports pitch bending of microtonal pitches
  • comes with GM/GS Soundset
  • built in reverb
  • loads .sf2 soundfonts
  • unlimited MIDI connections
  • one virtual MIDI input and output
  • can send pitch-bend microtonal output to external devices
  • records wav audio files
  • loads and saves scenes
  • multiple Undo

microsynth-mini is the same application in terms of tuning functions, with just a few caveats:
  • one track only (255 voices polyphonic, monotimbral)
  • internal synthesizer output only
  • held keys behavior when tunings change is always none
  • no default user file option

Price: $19.99 (mini $9.99)