iOS: Bolasol - WerkBench: A fantastic steampunk beatbox!

WerkBench steampunk beatbox

Bolasol - Werkbench is a steampunk beatbox music app for the iPad! Another really incredible good music making app for iOS!

"WerkBench is a one-of-a-kind of beatbox that is part loop pedal, part drum machine, and 100% beat-making magic. You will be making original beats and rhythms in seconds. Check out the videos below to see what it's all about."


--"Fancy Controls" (pitch, lowpass filters, envelopes, and more!)

--Edit pitch and levels independently for each step!

--Funky lo-fi tape echo for spacey effects with a sweet real-time visualizer.

--The two sequencers can be chained to make a 32 step sequencer!

--Save and load loops.

--Export loops and recordings via Audio Copy, iTunes file sharing, and email.

--MIDI sync and MIDI trigger modes.

--Custom scales (never play a wrong note!)

Price: $6.99