Effect: G-Sonique - 7inch nails

7inch nails guitar effect

G-Sonique unveils 7inch nails, a guitar effect for Windows.

"7inch nails is a special nu-metal / industrial guitar effect that you've never heard before. It can create special sounding effects or a combination of futuristic
synthetic aural vibrations (ghost effect) in combination with a completely mad analog fuzz"


- Input gain (also controls the amount of the effect and synthetic distortion)

- Ghost knob (special effect that creates an aural synthetic poltergeist atmosphere)

- Brutal bass drive knob (do you want to sound heavy? Turn this knob to the right)

- Dry/Wet knob (to controlled ratio between effected and unaffected sound)

- Output volume knob (if you do not want to blow eardrums)

Price: €11.90