Free Music Making Software - Week 31

Week 31 - another week this summer (the last on on our vacation) with great cool music making software tweeted by us: @music_making. I hope you like the list!

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Here is a list with only the Free Music Making Programs this week. You find thousands more FREE software in the archives!

Making Music (@music_making):
2012-08-04 01:02
FREE Kit of the Week from G-Strings!

Making Music (@music_making):
2012-08-03 15:24
SampleRadar: 200 free experimental lead samples

Making Music (@music_making):
2012-08-01 11:32
Secret Base Design releases "Spectral Eye" - Free FFT Visualizer for iOS

Making Music (@music_making):
2012-07-30 09:40
Free Music Making Software - Week 30