Amazon Kindle Event starts now - Let's here the People's Voice about it!

Amazon Fire 2 and new Kindle e-reader rumors heat up ahead of today's event | The Verge

Amazon is widely expected to be releasing at least one new Kindle Fire tablet and a new Kindle e-reader. There will be an event on September 6th at 1:30PM ET

So Amazon will have an event today, it looks to be interesting. Rumor says both a new Kindle Fire 2 and a Kindle e-reader. And maybe even a Kindle Phone.

Some voices heard:

"I wish they would do an e-Ink Fire, which could hopefully be rooted."

"Maybe the rumored e-reader will be something like that?"

"he Paperwhite? Yep, I'm hoping that's actually a Fire like device and not plain old Kindle with a better screen."

"And the rumors also says that they will unveil a phone. "

What do you think?