Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5 the first Weekend

iPhone 5

Apple announced today that during the opening weekend, they sold five million iPhone 5 units, exceeding the four million iPhone 4S units that was sold during it’s debut weekend last year. That is quite impressive. But maybe they had expected more?

Musings & Thoughts:

Very impressive but not unexpected.

Yes Five million and 1 because I ordered mine today Black, 64 Gig on a £26 month tariff which gives me unlimited mins and unlimited texts and a massive 1 GIG of Data with O2 :) Now I have to think about a case!! Any ideas?

Those are impressive figures, despite falling short of all the analysts’ predictions.

And two because I will stand in line this Friday to get mine :) but I will choose the 16GB version. I never use more than around 10GB. This is the first time I will buy that. I always bought the 32GB version before.

I read an article saying that most analysts expected at least ten million sold units the first weekend, and how the over-anticipation had negative impact on Apple’s stock value (they fell with 1.3% if I remember correctly).

Apple has an nice market lead. Now they need to crush it by building killer services.

As the evolution of mobile creeps forward – it’s services not hardware that will allow for market dominance.

I think Apple has both great services and content. Eco system and content is more important than hardware.

The iOS development life cycle must be a core business vision.

And the ecosystem will follow – as it has done since 2007.

I thought they were aiming for 8 Million?!

This is only direct sales. Pre-ordered is not counted

They were estimating 8 million, based on the amount of pre-orders. It says right in the article that 6 million would be worst case scenario, but they ‘only’ sold 5 million. Either way, they’re about 3 million short of what they thought would sell.

And this Friday it is launched internationally