Can someone tell me why almost all Windows laptops has their (bad) touchpads a bit to the left and not centered like on the MacBooks? I hate it

Touchpads not centered

Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 notebook | Ubergizmo

You know how you were told to summarize some passages in the past at college or university during a language assignment? Well, I guess the same can be said of the Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 notebook, where it is basically the same deal as the Lenovo IdeaPad Z500, except that this comes in a smaller form factor

Some voices heard:

"So you can use your thumb on the touch pad (?)"

"Wow, that is weird - my hands would hit that constantly, my Dell i7 processor laptop has it in the middle, although I always use a mouse unless on airplanes etc :)"

"Good Question. Maybe its an advantage if you are left handed? Then why are the Pads not to the right for right handed? :-) Have a great day..."

"Isn't that because the keyboard is offset to the left to leave room for a numerical keypad to the right? At least on my HP the touchpad is centered beneath the "FGHJ" keys."

"It may be because it's aligned with the space bar."

"So you can keep your fingers on the keys and nav with your thumb. The offset on the left makes this more suitable for right-handed users.

(I'm just guessing - I don't know)"

"the touch pad is positioned below the space bar, and because the laptop includes a full size num-pad, the rest of the keyboard is pushed left. My thoughts!"

"my EliteBook at work doesn't have a numpad and the touchpad is still to the left.."

"I don't have a numpad on the EliteBook at work and the touchpad is aligned below CVBNM. And even if the laptop on the image has a numpad it looks very awkward to not have the touchpad centered. I have a Fujitsu laptop at home too and it doesn't have a numpad either but have the touchpad to the left..."

"The reason this is wrong is because I want to use both hands when using a touchpad. One finger from both hands. Then it need to be centered obviously. That's how you do precision work with touchpads..."

"Trying to find an answer for this touchpad position oddity and I can't find anything other than people talking about notebooks with the number pad, obviously not relevant to the one in your picture. "

"you need to use both hands with touchpads so a touchpad to the left is almost useless"

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